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Luxurious Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Posted on : 15-08-2011 | By : rainy_admin | In : Things to Do on a Rainy Day

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Few people take the time to know how nice it is to be caught in the rain, especially if it is not too cold. It is a nice idea to enjoy the soothing and lavish effect of a gentle rain falling on your body, but remember that this should only be done in a warm and comfortable environment. Tropical rains can be beautiful as long as it isn’t a serious storm. There are a number of luxurious things that one can do on a rainy day, from relaxing to lavish living. One of these luxurious things is to get pampered at the spa with a massage treatment. Look for Keep Reading...

Cheap Things to Do On a Rainy Day

Posted on : 14-08-2011 | By : rainy_admin | In : Things to Do on a Rainy Day



During the rainy season most people are hesitant to venture outside. There are plenty of cheap things to do on a rainy day to keep you happy and occupied. You do not always have to watch television or play computer games on a rainy day. The most important thing is to think creatively to come up with an affordable activity. Look for a good way to relax, unwind, and break away from your daily routine. If you are stuck inside the house with some members of your family, you can make up poems and then act them out. Take turns choosing the topic that to w Keep Reading...

Things to Do on a Rainy Weekend with Your Friends

Posted on : 10-07-2011 | By : Kate | In : Rainy Weekends

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Rainy days can be such a bummer, especially when it’s a rainy weekend or sometime when you already had plans. There are a few things you can do to ensure you still have fun on a rainy day when you’re hanging out with your friends. Whether you want to stay at home or go out despite the weather, you can definitely find other things to do on a rainy weekend to keep you entertained and occupied. It can be so frustrating when the entire workweek is sunny and then Friday night comes, or Saturday and Sunday. Consider these ideas for fun things to do on Keep Reading...