Things to Do on a Rainy Weekend with Your Friends

Rainy days can be such a bummer, especially when it’s a rainy weekend or sometime when you already had plans. There are a few things you can do to ensure you still have fun on a rainy day when you’re hanging out with your friends. Whether you want to stay at home or go out despite the weather, you can definitely find other things to do on a rainy weekend to keep you entertained and occupied.

It can be so frustrating when the entire workweek is sunny and then Friday night comes, or Saturday and Sunday. Consider these ideas for fun things to do one a rainy weekend day with friends.

Fun Things for Teens and Young Adults (or Anyone!) to Do on a Rainy Weekend
Check out these suggestions for fun things you can do on a rainy weekend:

•    Go to an indoor arcade like those on the boardwalk or at places like Dave & Busters.
•    Get together a group of friends and play video games like xBox Kinnect.
•    Go to a movie and sneak candy in with you.
•    Look for a local concert or show you can enjoy.
•    Have an indoor Nerf gun fight.
•    Have an outdoor Super Soaker fight (in the daytime).
•    Make some interesting food you’ve never made before. Consider homemade pizza, funnel cake, homemade ice cream, homemade mozzarella sticks, or anything you can deep fry!
•    Do makeovers, manicures, pedicures, and facials. Take turns styling each other‘s hair.
•    Look for indoor batting cages and other attractions in your area.
•    Make your own YouTube videos and post them on your channel.
•    Go to a farmer’s market or your local mall.
•    Check out an under-21 dance club.
•    Look up different dances moves online and put them together for your own routine.
•    Have a dance party with all your friends. Dress up from the 80s or another crazy time period.
•    Make up your own decathlon of events and activities you can do indoors, like Twister and other board games, eating contests, pillow fights, or other games.
•    Tie Dye all kinds of white clothing and fabrics – t-shirts, socks, sports bras, boxer shorts, sheets, and just about anything you want.

Fun Things for Adults 21 and Up to Do on a Rainy Weekend
Adults age 21 and up may enjoy these rainy day and weekend activities:

•    Check out a local brewery or winery and go for a tour and tasting.
•    Drive out to your nearest casino and try your luck. (Note: Gambling is not for everyone – use discretion and avoid betting beyond your comforts.)
•    Go to dinner and a movie with a group of friends.
•    Have a poker night or play other kinds of card games and dice games.
•    Put together a board game night.
•    Get Pay-Per-View for fights or something else interesting you can enjoy with a group.
•    Have a horror movie marathon.
•    Do manicures, pedicures, and facials.
•    Play video games or go to a big kids’ arcade.
•    Check out a karaoke bar for good times.
•    Hit up a bar or club for a drink or some dancing.
•    Experiment with your own Jello shot recipes or try some that you find online.
•    Make your own sangria with lots of fruit and red wine.

Different people enjoy different things, so not all of these suggestions may appeal to you. Find one that does or use these rainy day tips to give you more ideas on what you can do on a rainy day. Don’t forget to check the comments for more ideas or share your own suggestions to help others have fun on a rainy day!

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